About General Seal Corporation

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Since the day we started in July of 1955, the General Seal Corporation  has gathered over fifty years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality seals and seal assemblies for a wide variety of applications.  As the new management team, our major efforts will be devoted to providing the designer, builder and user of hydraulic, pneumatic and other equipment with reliable, performance proven sealing devices. From the start, we have concentrated on demanding applications that are characteristic of the automotive, aircraft and space industries.

General Seal Corporation designed and introduced the first Teflon seals for rotating and reciprocating applications, which perform best in situations demanding tight energy fuel requirements as well as low friction and high endurance. One of our first patents acquired was the Teflon wedge seal and seal assembly used on heavy shock absorbers. Essential to the military, these seals were used in tanks, missile launchers, aircraft landing gears, suspension devices and hydraulic cylinders. Our wedge seal assembly was also used on the lunar module landing gear and the surveyor space projects. In the rotary field application, General Seal introduced the first Teflon "Lip Seal" used on gasoline pumps, chemical resisting applications, water pumps and later in the automotive air conditioning compressor. We have designed a Lip-Seal with more resilience and eccentricity tolerance that has proven valuable to countless applications. 

Today, General Seal continues to strive to expand our product offerings. By continuing extensive personal contact with our customers, we have gained valuable information that has guided our many new developments. We are committed to actively meeting and exceeding all customer expectations, as we believe that Customer Success Is Our Success.



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