Former Numbers in Gray

GSH-100H GSH-100N GSH-105HF GSH-105NF
GSH-100H GSH-900H GM A6/R4, Ford HR980, Sanden SD507/508/510, York YA12/15 HNBR
GSH-100N GSH-900N GM A6/R4, Ford HR980, Sanden SD507/508/510, York YA12/15 Neoprene
GSH-105HF GSH-905CHF Chrysler C171/A590; FS6; Nippondenso 10P13/10P15/10PO8E/ 
P127/134/148/6E171 Coil Spring - HNBR
GSH-105NF GSH-905CNF Chrysler C171/A590; Ford FS6; Nippondenso 10P13/10P15/10PO8E/
P127/134/148/6E171 Coil Spring – Neoprene
GSH-105N GSH-110N GSH-115N GSH-120N
GSH-105N GSH-905N Chrysler C171/A590; Ford FS6; Nippondenso 
P127/134/148/6E171/10P13/15/10PO8E Wave Spring Type – Neoprene
GSH-110N GSH-910N Chrsyler RV2 Carbon Seal - Neoprene
GSH-115N GSH-915N York 6 Bolt (7/32”) Carbon Seal-Neoprene & HNBR
GSH-120N GSH-920N York/Tecumseh 6 Bolt; York 5 Bolt; Tecumseh Large 
Bearing Carbon Seal – Neoprene
GSH-132H GSH-132N
GSH-132H GSH-932H Diesel Kiki DKS13 BH/DKS15 BH – HNBR
GSH-132N GSH-932N Diesel Kiki DKS13 BH/DKS15 BH – Neoprene
GSH-137H GSH-137N GSH-138H GSH-138N
GSH-137H GSH-937H Sanden SD505/507 Mini/TR70/TR90 Carbon Seal-HNBR
GSH-137N GSH-937N Sanden SD505/507 Mini/TR70/TR90 Carbon Seal-Neoprene
GSH-138H GSH-938H Sanden SD708/709 – HNBR
GSH-138N GSH-938N Sanden SD708/709 – Neoprene
GSH-139N GSH-140N GSH-167
GSH-139N Nippondenso TV12C/TV14C/TV12EC/TV12SC
GSH-140N Nippondenso 6P127A/6P127B/6P134/6P148/10P13/10P15/10P17
(Notched Face Seal)
GSH-167 Bosch Carbon Seal



Former Numbers in Gray

GSL-320H GSL-320N GSL-331H GSL-331N
GSL-320H 2620-SH Mitsubishi MSC-90C/105C&S/TR90/TR105/FX80   Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-320N 2620-SN Mitsubishi MSC-90C/105C&S/TR90/TR105/FX80  Lip Seal – Neoprene
GSL-331H GSH-931H Diesel Kiki CH/Sanden SD7 Lip Seal – HNBR
GSL-331N GSH-931A Diesel Kiki CH/Sanden SD7 Lip Seal – Neoprene
GSL-333H GSL-333N GSL-334H GSL-334N
GSL-333H GSH-933A Ford FX15/FS10 Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-333N GSH-933B Ford FX15/FS10 Lip Seal - Neoprene
GSL-334H GSH-934H Nippondenso Triple Lip Seal 10PA15C/17C/20C-HNBR
GSL-334N GSH-934N Nippondenso Triple Lip Seal 10PA15C/17C/20C-Neoprene
GSL-335H GSL-335N GSL-D340N GSL-342H/N
GSL-335H GSH-935H Nippondenso 10PO8E/Chrysler 6C17 Lip Seal-HNBR
GSL-335N GSH-935N Nippondenso 10PO8E/Chrysler 6C17 Lip Seal-Neoprene
GSL-D340N 2640-G GM Truck HT6 & HU6 Large Shaft (.631 Dia.)
GSL-342H/N 2642-TV12 Nippondenso TV12C/SC HNBR/ Neoprene
GSL-345H/N GSL-347H/N GSL-D356N GSL-356N
GSL-345H/N 2645-14D Nihon DKV 14C/D HNBR /  Neoprene
GSL-347H/N 2647-DW Daewoo V5 DKS 15TM; Seltec TM08/TM13/TM15/TM16-HNBR /  Neoprene
GSL-D356N GSMC-556DN GM DA6/HR6/V5/R4 Double Lip Seal – Neoprene
GSL-356N GSMC-556N GM DA6/HR6/V5/R4 Standard Lip Seal – Neoprene
GSL-357H/N GSL-360H GSL-360N GSL-362H
GSL-357H/N Diesel-Kiki DKS-16H-HNBR - Neoprene
GSL-360H New Diesel-Kiki DKS-32, TM-31 Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-360N New Diesel-Kiki DKS-32, TM-31 Lip Seal - Neoprene
GSL-362H New Denso 10S17/10S20 Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-364H GSL-366H GSL-367N GSL-368H
GSL-364H Nippondenso 10PA15/17/20 Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-366H Denso 7SBU16 Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-367N Panasonic/Matsushita Lip Seal - Neoprene
GSL-368H Mitsubishi Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-369H GSL-370H GSL-371N GSL-372H
GSL-369H Diesel KiKi DKS32/TM31 Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-370H Nihon DKV14C Lip Seal - HNBR
GSL-371N GM-V7 O-Ring Type 1998-2002
GSL-372H GM-R4 Triple Lip Seal
GSL-373H GSL-374N GSL-375H/N GSL-376N
GSL-373H OE Lip Seal Seiko Seiki 121/170PSS
GSL-374N OE Lip Seal Daewoo/V5
GSL-375H/N Sanden SD5/SD7Tripple Lip Seal – HNBR/Neoprene
GSL-376N Triple Lip Seal TRS090/FX80
GSL-380H Daewoo V5 DKS 15TM; Seltec TM08/TM13/TM15/TM16-HNBR



Former Numbers in Gray

GSS-401 GSS-402 GSS-403
GSS-401 GSS-901 GM A6/R4; Ford HR980 Metal Seal Seat
GSS-402 GSS-902 GM A6/R4; Ford HR980 Ceramic Seal Seat
GSS-403 GSS-903 Sanden SD507/508/510 Metal Seal Seat
GSS-406H GSS-406N GSS-F406H
GSS-406H GSS-906H Chrysler C171/A590 ; Ford FS6; Nippondenso 6P127/6P134/6P148/6E171/
10P13/10P15/10PO8E Seal Seat with HNBR O-Ring Pre-Installed
GSS-406N GSS-906N Same as GSS-406H Neoprene O Ring Pre-Installed
GSS-F406H GSS-906CHF Nippondenso 10P13/15/10PO8E OEM Type Seal Seat
With Extractor / HNBR O-Ring Pre-Installed
GSS-F406N GSS-411 GSS-411N
GSS-F406N GSS-906CNF Same as GSS-F406H with Neoprene O-Ring Pre-Installed
GSS-411 GSS-911 Chrysler RV2 Metal Shaft Seal without O-Ring
GSS-411N GSS-911N Chrysler RV2 Metal Shaft Seal with Neoprene O-Ring
GSS-416 GSS-417 GSS-418 GSS-419
GSS-416 GSS-916 York 6 Bolt (7/32” Hole) Seat Plate
GSS-417 GSS-917 York/Tecumseh 6 Bolt (9/32” Hole) Seal Plate
GSS-418 GSS-918 York 5 Bolt Seal Plate
GSS-419 GSS-919 Tecumseh Large Bearing Seal Plate
GSS-433N GSS-434H/N GSS-435H/N GSS-436H/N
GSS-433H/N GSS-933N Sanden SD505/507 Mini/TR70/TR90 Seal Seat
GSS-434H/N GSS-934H Sanden SD708/709 Seal Seat HNBR - Neoprene
GSS-435H/N New Nippondenso TV12C/TV14C/TV12EC/TV12SC Seal Seat
GSS-436H/N New Nippondenso Notch Face Seal Seat
GSS-438H/N  GSS-439H/N GSS-440H/N GSS-489DKS
GSS-438H/N New Nihon DKV-14C Seal Seat with O-Ring HNBR - Neoprene
GSS-439H/N New Matsushita Seal Seat with O-Ring HNBR - Neoprene
GSS-440H/N New Nihon NVR140S Seal Seat with O-Ring HNBR - Neoprene
GSS-489DKS New Diesel Kiki BH Model/DKS13G Shaft Seal Seat


 Felt Wipers

Former Numbers in Gray

GSF-550 GSF-560 GSF-581
GSF-550 GFW-950 GM A6/R4 Felt Wiper Strip
GSF-560 GFW-960 Chrysler C171/A590; Ford FS6; Nippondenso (misc.) Non-External Wick
GSF-581 GFW-981 Ford FX15/FS10 Lip Seal Felt Wiper Strip
GSF-582 GSF-583 GSF-584
GSF-582 GFW-982 Ford/Nippondenso 10PA15C/17C/20C Lip Seal Felt Wiper Ring
GSF-583 GFW-983 Chrysler 6C17; Nippondenso 10PO8E/10P15 Lip Seal;
Nippondenso/Ford 10P13/10P15 Two Piece Seal Felt Wiper
GSF-584 Ford FS10 Felt Wiper Ring
GSF-585 GSF-586 GSF-587
GSF-585 GFW-985 Sanden SD505/507 Mini Felt Wiper Ring with Retainer
GSF-586 GFW-986 Sanden SD507/508/510 Felt Wiper Ring with Retainer
GSF-587 GFW-987 Sanden SD708/709 Two Piece Sanden SD7H10 
(505)/SD7B10(505)/SD7H13 (507)/SD7H13 (708)/SD7H14 
(508)/SD7H15HD(510)/SD7H14HD (510)/SD7H15 (709) 
Lip Seal Felt Wiper Ring After 3/94 Production


Sealing Washers

Former Numbers in Gray

GSW-639 GSW-640 GSW-641
GSW-639 5/8” Thick Black Sealing Washer
GSW-640 3/4" Thin Silver Sealing Washer
GSW-641 5/8” Thin Silver Sealing Washer
GSW-642 GSW-643 GSW-644
GSW-642 5/8” Thick Green Sealing Washer
GSW-643 5/8” Thick Red Sealing Washer
GSW-644 5/8” Thick Yellow Sealing Washer
GSW-645 1/2” Thin Silver Sealing Washer



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